About Us

Team Bully Buster is an innovative program that aims to deal with bullying from both sides of the issue. Founded by actress and philanthropist Keta Meggett, Team Bully Buster’s anti-bullying education programs are designed to help children learn what bullying is, why people bully, and how to stop it. Team Bully Buster uses a unique curriculum that incorporates student participation,

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About Our Founder

Team Bully Buster founder Keta Meggett is an actress and philanthropist from Los Angeles California. Keta formed Team Bully Buster in response to her own experience with bullying.

Her freshman year of high school, several girls at her school began bullying Keta for being biracial, and for her looks. At the same time, Keta’s parents were getting divorced, and her mother was seriously injured in a car accident. Feeling like she had no one to turn to, Keta kept the secret about the verbal and physical bullying she was receiving. Eventually, however, Keta’s grades dropped from straight As to Cs, and Keta’s parents realized something was wrong.

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Camp Bullyproof II Coming Summer 2016!

Check back soon for more details.

 Camp Bullyproof is Team Bully Buster’s day-long summer camp. We bring in celebrities, mixed martial artists and other fitness professionals to teach kids physical fitness, and more importantly, bullying prevention strategies that they can use in every-day situations. Kids leave empowered with the ability to see bullying for what it is, understand why it happens, and stop it in its tracks, before anyone gets hurt.

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