About Our Founder

Team Bully Buster founder Keta Meggett talks to a young participant at a Team Bully Buster event. 

Team Bully Buster founder Keta Meggett is an actress and philanthropist from Los Angeles California. Keta formed Team Bully Buster in response to her own experience with bullying.

Her freshman year of high school, several girls at her school began bullying Keta for being biracial, and for her looks. At the same time, Keta’s parents were getting divorced, and her mother was seriously injured in a car accident. Feeling like she had no one to turn to, Keta kept the secret about the verbal and physical bullying she was receiving. Eventually, however, Keta’s grades dropped from straight As to Cs, and Keta’s parents realized something was wrong. Keta finally confided in them about what had been happening at school, and they went in to speak to the principal.

The following day, the girls who had been bullying Keta surrounded her and told her they had seen her parents at the school. They then began to physically assault her, leaving her with several broken bones and damage to her pancreas and liver. Keta was unable to return to school that year, and struggled with PTSD from the event even into adulthood.

Keta went on to become a successful actress. She never spoke of her high school experience, until one day when a director she was working with asked her to think of a time when she felt particularly vulnerable. Keta told him about having been assaulted, and the difficult recovery. Realizing that she had a powerful story, the director encouraged her to use her story and acting career as a platform to help other children overcome both being bullied, and being a bully.

Today, Keta shares her story at Team Bully Buster events to show children and teens that bullying can be harmful, but also that bullying can be overcome.