About Us

The Team Bully Buster team poses with kids at a Team Bully Buster assembly. 


Team Bully Buster is an innovative program that aims to deal with bullying from both sides of the issue. Founded by actress and philanthropist Keta Meggett, Team Bully Buster’s anti-bullying education programs are designed to help children learn what bullying is, why people bully, and how to stop it. Team Bully Buster uses a unique curriculum that incorporates student participation, skits, question and answer sessions, and physical activity, to engage kids. Our end goal is to leave kids with the tools to recognize bullying when they see it, and put a stop to it.

Team Bully Buster brings together personal trainers and professional martial artists to add a unique physical education element to our program. We use physical challenges to get kids pumped up and involved. Our goal is to teach kids at schools that physical education can be a positive outlet where anyone can be included.

Team Bully Buster is available to bring our program to your school, afterschool program or club. If you would like to get in touch with Team Bully Buster, please visit our booking page, and send us an inquiry.

If you are being bullied, and want Team Bully Buster's help, please contact us here.