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Keta Meggett

Keta Meggett

One California morning on January 17th, a little ray of light named Keta Meggett was born to a Guatemalan mother and an African- American father. Keta is a Bilingual SAG actor and developed a passion for performing as soon as she could talk & walk. In appreciation for health and fitness she excelled in Gymnastics, Basketball and Track & Field. As an actor she also developed her interviewing skills and hosted events like Behind the Hustle, and was the Host on the humanistic, popular TV Show International Angels. Keta's dynamic acting skill and character versatility has landed her leading roles in Feature Films and has guest starred on several TV Shows. One of Keta’s dreams was to be able to incorporate her Martial Arts Skills into an ongoing acting role, in a Major Feature Film or Television show and her dreams have come true!

Keta's impressive credits include, currently starring on HBO's "Room 104" as Rayna Gold, AXS TV’s WOW SUPERHERO’s as Pro Wrestler "Keta Rush" & a new untitled show on ABC. Just a few of her commercial projects include: NIKE, Target, Mucinex, Reebok, Home Depot, Pepsi & Best Buy.

Keta suffered a setback in high school when she was bullied, attacked and assaulted by a group of girls. This incident hospitalized her for a week but fortified her resolve in dealing with the unpleasant aspects of life. This experience made Keta a strong activist against Bullying. She created"Team Bully Buster" a 501c3 NON- Profit Organization that launched mid 2012, which is a platform that brings awareness to the Bullying issue that is currently plaguing society as well as teaching Confidence, Leadership skills and Self defense. Keta is also the head coach at the brand new Team Bully Buster Training Facility in Studio City Ca. Team Bully Buster is The Empowerment Place, it’s where lives are changed daily for the greater through Martial Arts.

In addition to acting, Keta has a passion for Martial Arts and trains 5-6 days a week in Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling & is an active fighter. Her regular routine at the gym and the importance she puts on living a healthy life (Vegetarian for 20 years) helps keep her fit and in demand as a model and representative. She is currently a NIKE Influencer and has been an official spokes model for organizations like: Power Crunch, HardTail Forever, WOD GEAR, Gatorade, Reebok, Hornitos Tequila and SOBE Lifewater. You can also find her the in the popular workout video Beach Body's 21 FIX Extreme.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make sure that every woman and child knows how to protect themselves! Whether it be standing, on the way to the ground and on the ground- you should know what to do! We cover everything: Our specialties are Muay Thai, NoGi Jujitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.